Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make a reservation? 
Reserver here on our website.

When I make a reservation, I have to give my credit card information. Why? Also, is it charged? 
We currently seat up to 46 guests per night. Because it's such a low number, we need be sure that if parties are unable to come and haven't notified us 72 hours in advance, we are able to enforce our cancellation policy. However, the card is only used to secure your spot and is not charged to reserve. Guests receive a check at the end of the cruise, just like restaurants on land, and can pay with cash or credit cards. We accept all cards. 

What's your cancellation policy? 
If our guests can't keep their reservation, we require 72 hours notice prior to reservation time, or else the card on file will be charged for the number of guests plus New York State sales tax. 

Do you take credit cards? 
Yes, we take all credit cards.

Does The Water Table go out on the river or does it stay docked? 
Yes! We tour the East River. See our Route page.  

Is there a dress code? 
There is no dress code. We advise against wearing high heels for your comfort and enjoyment. 

What happens if there is bad weather? Do you still go out? 
Our cabin is heated and protected from the elements. The Revolution can handle many types of weather. However, if there are gale force winds, extreme fog, or severe storms, our team will determine if it's safe to go out. If not, we will notify our guests as soon as possible and work together to reschedule them. The safety and enjoyment of our guests is our number one priority. 

Do you have vegetarian food? What about gluten free? 
We have vegetarian offerings and can make a selection of our dishes gluten free. Our seasonal menus include a seafood-based dish, meat-based dish and a vegetarian option. We will also have at least one vegetarian appetizer.