32Red Casino Online Net Worth

32Red Online Casino is a world-leading online casino that was founded in 2002. Since then, it has become one of the most well-known and respected brands in online gambling thanks to its rich selection of games, impeccable customer service and innovative approach to the gaming process. Today we talk about who is 32Red Casino owner and what is 32Red Casino net worth

32Red Online Casino: a brand with a rich history

32Red Casino Online

32Red Online Casino has quickly become one of the leading online casinos in the world thanks to its commitment to quality, integrity and innovation. It became part of the Kindred Group PLC family in 2017, joining one of the most prestigious and respected brands in the industry.

Who owns 32Red Casino Online?

Kindred Group

Kindred Group PLC is a leading international company specialising in online gambling. It was founded in 1997 under the name of Unibet Group and then renamed Kindred Group PLC in 2016. During its existence, the company has established itself as an innovative and reliable player in the gambling entertainment industry.

Kindred Group PLC owns and operates several of the most well-known and respected brands in the world of online gambling, including 32Red, Unibet, Maria Casino, iGame and many others. Each of these brands offers its players high quality services, a variety of games and reliable support.

Kindred Group PLC is headquartered in Malta. The company has offices and representative offices in various countries including Sweden, the UK, Gibraltar and others. The head office is located in Malta, which is the centre of strategic management and coordination of the group’s activities.

What is 32Red’s annual revenue?

Unfortunately, we have not been able to find specific information about 32Red Casino’s annual revenue, we can state with certainty that Kindred Group PLC, which includes 32Red, is a financially sound and successful company. According to the latest figures, Kindred Group’s fortune is estimated to be around $2.5 billion. This indicates that even if 32Red’s exact financials are not publicly available, it remains an important and profitable link in Kindred Group’s extensive portfolio of businesses.

Who is the CEO of Kindred Group PLC?

Henrik Tjarnstrom

Henrik Tjernström, a prominent leader in the world of online gambling, joined the Kindred Group LPC team as CEO in 2017. His appointment has been met with admiration in the industry due to his impressive experience, strategic thinking and passion for innovation.

Tjernström is committed to continuously improving the gaming experience for 32Red’s customers by offering a wide selection of games, innovative features and top-notch customer service. His leadership fills the 32Red team with enthusiasm and determination to reach new heights in the world of online gambling entertainment.

Profitability of Kindred Group’s CEO

Henrik Tjernström, in his role as Chief Executive Officer, displays outstanding leadership skills to drive the financial success of the company. As part of his role at Kindred plc, he has successfully implemented strategies for growth and optimisation of business processes, which is reflected in the company’s earnings. Overall, Mr Tjernström receives remuneration totalling $1,204,452 per annum for his professional activities. His contribution to the growth and prosperity of Kindred plc is invaluable and his leadership approach remains a key factor in achieving the company’s financial objectives.


Under the leadership of our CEO, 32Red Casino has reached incredible heights. His strategic vision, professionalism and determination have been the driving force behind the casino’s growth, transforming it into one of the industry leaders. Thanks to his leadership skills and relentless pursuit of excellence, 32Red continues to inspire and delight millions of players around the world.

32Red Casino’s true successes have been made possible by the brilliant leadership of a CEO whose dedication and talent are unrivalled. And with each passing day, the casino continues to grow and evolve, confirming its place among the best in the world of online gambling.


  • Where is Kindred Group LPC headquartered?

    Kindred Group PLC is headquartered in Malta.
  • Who manages Kindred Group LPC?

    Henrik Tjernström is the CEO of Kindred Group LPC
  • What is the income of the CEO of Kindred Group LPC?

    Tjernström receives remuneration totalling $1,204,452 per year
  • When was 32Red Casino established?

    32Red online casino was founded in 2002.