888 Casino Owner: way to success

888 Casino is one of the most well-known and respected online casinos in the world. Founded in 1997, it pioneered the online gambling industry and has built a reputation as a reliable and innovative operator. Today, we’ll take a look at who owns 888 Casino are and talk about how much profit 888 Casino makes.

The Beginning of the Story

Aaron Shaked

The idea to create an online casino came to Aaron and Avi Shakedam in the mid-1990s, when the internet was just starting to gain popularity. Together with Ron and Shea Ben-Yitzhak, they founded a company called Virtual Holdings Limited. Their vision was to harness the power of the internet to create an interactive gaming platform available to people around the world.

In 1997, Virtual Holdings Limited launched Casino-on-Net, which was later renamed 888 Casino. It was one of the first sites to provide online casino services and its success laid the foundation for the company’s continued growth.

Virtual Holdings Limited

Virtual Holdings Limited is a company that has become known as one of the pioneers in the online gambling industry. In 2002, to reflect the growth and diversification of the business, the company changed its name to 888 Holdings. This renaming symbolised the company’s transition to the next level, its willingness to expand globally and adapt to a changing market.

Virtual Holdings Limited, now known as 888 Holdings, has come a long way from a small start-up to a global leader in online gambling. The company’s founders, Aaron and Avi Shaked, and Ron and Shay Ben-Yitzhak, laid the foundation for one of the most successful brands in the gambling industry with their ideas and hard work. Today, 888 Holdings continues to delight players around the world with innovative products and services, while remaining true to its principles of reliability and quality.

Key events of Virtual Holdings Limited

  1. 1997: Founding of Virtual Holdings Limited.
    • Founders: Aaron and Avi Shaked, Ron and Shay Ben-Yitzhak.
    • Launch of the first product, Casino-on-Net, one of the first online casinos.
  2. 2002: Renaming of the company to 888 Holdings.
    • Symbolises the growth and diversification of the business.
    • Preparing for global expansion and entry into new markets.
  3. Early 2000s: Obtaining licences in the UK and Gibraltar.
    • Strengthening international market position by meeting high standards of security and integrity.
  4. 2000s: Introduction of mobile applications
    • One of the first companies to offer the opportunity to play casino games from mobile devices.
  5. 2013: Launch of the world’s first online game using virtual reality technology.
    • Confirmed as an innovator in the online gambling industry.
  6. 2010s: Expansion of the range of games and services.
    • Introduction of live casinos with real dealers.
    • Expansion of betting and poker services.
  7. 2010s: Active participation in charity and social initiatives.
    • Programmes to prevent gambling addiction and protect minors.
  8. 2020s: Further expansion into new markets.
    • Obtain licences and launch operations in new jurisdictions.
    • Attract new users and retain existing users through innovation and service improvements.

This list of key events reflects significant milestones in the history of Virtual Holdings Limited, highlighting its journey from online gambling pioneer to world leader.

The financial success of 888 Casino

888 Casino

888 Casino is one of the most successful and respected companies in the online gambling industry. Since its founding in 1997, it has achieved significant financial success, generating revenues in excess of $100 million annually. This impressive result has been made possible through strategic initiatives, innovation and a constant focus on customer needs.

The state of the owners of 888 Casino

Unfortunately, we have not found any information regarding the personal wealth of the owners of 888 Casino.


The financial success of 888 Casino is the result of a long-term strategy focused on innovation, quality and customer satisfaction. Since its foundation, the company has come a long way from a small start-up to a global leader in online gambling, generating significant revenues every year and confirming its reputation as a reliable and innovative operator.


  • When was 888 Casino established?

    888 Casino was founded in 1997. Since its launch, it became one of the first online casinos and quickly gained popularity among players around the world.
  • Who developed 888 Casino?

    888 Casino was developed and created by Virtual Holdings Limited, a company founded by Israeli brothers Aaron and Avi Shaked and their business partners Ron and Shea Ben-Yitzhak.
  • Who owns 888 Casino?

    888 Casino is part of 888 Holdings, an international company that owns and operates several online gambling brands including casino, poker and sports betting. 888 Holdings shares are traded on the London Stock Exchange, making the company public.
  • What is 888 Casino net worth?

    888 Casino is a key asset of 888 Holdings and contributes significantly to the company's revenue. In recent years, 888 Casino has generated more than $100 million in annual revenue. This success is attributed to the popularity of the brand, the wide range of games and the constant innovation in the gaming experience.