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FanDuel Casino launched in 2019, expanding the company’s offerings and providing players with the opportunity to enjoy online gambling in a safe and regulated environment. Since its inception, FanDuel Casino has built a reputation as a reliable and innovative service, providing a first-class gaming experience and numerous bonuses for its users. Today we will look at who is FanDuel Casino owner and talk about FanDuel Casino net worth

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Flutter Etertainment

FanDuel Casino was created by FanDuel Group, which is part of Flutter Entertainment. Flutter Entertainment is a large international gambling group formed in 2016 following the merger of Paddy Power and Betfair. In 2018, Flutter Entertainment acquired a majority stake in FanDuel, allowing the company to significantly expand its presence in the US gambling market and launch FanDuel Casino in 2019.

The company’s headquarters are located in Dublin, Ireland. Flutter Entertainment is one of the leading players in the global gambling and betting market, owning many well-known brands.

Since its inception, Flutter Entertainment has been actively expanding its presence in the international market, investing in new technologies and expanding the range of services offered. The company is committed to providing its customers with a safe and fun gaming experience while adhering to strict responsible gaming standards.

CEO of Flutter Entertainment

Peter Jackson

Peter Jackson is a British businessman and CEO of Flutter Entertainment since January 2018.

The role of the CEO of Flutter Entertainment for FanDuel Casino includes several key aspects aimed at successfully managing and growing this online casino:

  • Strategic Leadership: The CEO develops FanDuel Casino’s growth strategies and defines the goals and priorities that must be achieved to succeed in the competitive gaming industry.
  • Operations Management: He or she is responsible for the efficient management of FanDuel Casino’s operational processes, including gaming platforms, technical infrastructure, financial processes and friendly customer service.
  • Brand Development: The General Manager plays a key role in strengthening the FanDuel Casino brand, developing and executing marketing strategies, attracting new players and retaining current audiences.
  • Ensure Compliance: He or she oversees compliance with gaming laws and regulations, ensuring that FanDuel Casino operates in accordance with industry requirements and provides a safe and fair gaming environment.
  • Team Management: The General Director forms and manages a highly qualified team of professionals, ensuring the motivation, development and effective performance of all casino employees.
  • Data Analysis and Decision Making: He or she analyzes data and monitors FanDuel Casino’s performance, making strategic decisions based on results and player feedback.

The role of CEO of Flutter Entertainment for FanDuel Casino is important to ensure the successful operation and growth of this online casino in the dynamic gaming industry.

What is Peter Jackson’s salary?

Unfortunately, we have not found information about Peter Jackson’s net worth. But, as the CEO and Director of Flutter Entertainment Plc, Mr. Jackson receives a total remuneration of $5,136,184. There are no other executives at Flutter Entertainment Plc who earn higher salaries.

Profitability from FanDuel Casino

FanDuel Online Casino

FanDuel Casino expects to achieve significant scale, projecting annual revenue of $100 million. This impressive figure confirms its position as a leading gaming portal that successfully attracts and retains audiences through high quality games and an innovative approach to gaming entertainment.


FanDuel Casino, under the umbrella of Flutter Entertainment, continues to be a leading gaming portal, offering exciting gaming experiences to players around the world. Combining innovative technology and impeccable service, FanDuel Casino offers a variety of games including slots, table games and live dealers, creating an exciting gaming experience for its users.


  • Who is the owner of FanDuel Casino?

    The owner of FanDuel Casino is Flutter Entertainment
  • Who is the CEO of Flutter Entertainment?

    The CEO of Flutter Entertainment is Peter Jackson
  • How much does FanDuel Casino bring?

    FanDuel Casino has an estimated annual revenue of $100 million
  • How much does Peter Jackson make?

    Jackson receives total compensation of $5,136,184.