Chumba Casino Net Worth

Chumba Online Casino by VGW is a virtual casino by VGW (Virtual Gaming Worlds). VGW is known for its social casinos that provide a unique online gambling experience. Chumba Casino stands out due to its innovative approach, use of virtual currency and the possibility to participate in various gambling games without the risk of losing real money. In this article, we will break down who is the Chumba Casino owner, when it was opened and talk about the net worth of this casino.

VGW Company

Virtual Gaming Worlds

VGW Company (Virtual Gaming Worlds) was founded in 2010 in Australia by Lorenz Escalante. Since then, it has grown into one of the leaders in the social online casino industry. VGW specialises in creating and managing social casinos that allow players to enjoy gambling using virtual currency. One of VGW’s first and best-known brands is Chumba Casino, which quickly gained popularity thanks to its unique virtual currency system and a wide range of games including slots, poker and table games.

Launch Casino Chumba

Chumba Casino

Chumba Casino was created in 2012 by Virtual Gaming Worlds, a company founded by Lawrence Escalante. The idea for Chumba Casino was born out of a desire to offer users a unique online gambling experience that combines gambling and social interaction, but without the risk of losing real money. One of the key factors behind Chumba Casino’s success has been its attention to user experience and constant updating of its gaming content. The casino regularly adds new games and improves existing ones, which helps retain users and attract new players.

Lawrence Escalante: Founder of VGW

Laurence Escalante

Lawrence Escalante is the founder and CEO of VGW (Virtual Gaming Worlds), one of the leaders in social online casinos. Lawrence founded the company with the aim of revolutionising the online gambling industry. The idea for VGW came to Escalante when he realised that traditional online casinos were not providing a way for players to enjoy gambling without the risk of losing real money. He decided to create a platform where users could gamble with virtual currency while having an exciting and safe gaming experience. VGW’s first project was Chumba Casino, which offered players a wide range of slots, poker and table games using a unique virtual currency system. This innovative approach quickly gained popularity and attracted millions of users. Under Escalante’s leadership, VGW has grown to an international company with offices in Sydney, San Francisco and Malta, and now employs over 500 staff. Lawrence remains a key figure in the company, continuing to strategise and innovate to ensure VGW remains at the forefront of the industry.

VGW owner’s condition

Laurence's apartaments

Lorenzo Escalante, as a successful entrepreneur and founder of VGW and Chumba Casino owner, has a considerable fortune. His financial success is reflected not only in his business, but also in his lifestyle. In December 2021, Escalante purchased a luxury waterfront flat in South Perth for the impressive sum of $7.5 million. This luxury accommodation has become another symbol of his wealth and financial success. Overall, Lorenzo Escalante demonstrates that his financial success and wealth is not just limited to business. He strives to live a comfortable and luxurious life, enjoying all the advantages that his financial situation can offer him.

Chumba Casino Profits

VGW (Virtual Gaming Worlds) has significantly increased its revenue thanks to the success of Chumba Casino, one of its most popular brands. Chumba Casino quickly gained popularity among users due to its unique virtual currency system and variety of gambling games such as slots, poker and table games. Over the past year, VGW has posted impressive financial results. Thanks to a steady influx of new players and retention of existing users, the company earned around $400 million. This significant revenue growth is a testament to the high demand for social casinos and VGW’s successful strategy in attracting and retaining audiences. Innovative approaches to gamification and constant updating of game content play an important role in the success of Chumba Casino. VGW regularly introduces new games and improves the functionality of the platform, which helps to maintain player interest and increase time spent in the casino.


Chumba Casino is one of the most popular social casinos today, gaining millions of users worldwide. This success is largely due to the unique model offered by VGW (Virtual Gaming Worlds), Chumba Casino owner. This success confirms not only the high quality of gaming content and attention to user experience, but also VGW’s ability to adapt to changing market demands and innovate. It is these solutions that have made Chumba Casino one of the most popular and successful social casinos today. Thus, thanks to its passion for innovation and commitment to excellence, Chumba Casino continues to delight its players with an exciting gaming experience and steadily increase its popularity in the world of online gambling entertainment.


  • When and by whom was Casino Chumba launched?

    Chumba Casino was launched by VGW (Virtual Gaming Worlds) in 2012.
  • What is VGW Company?

    VGW (Virtual Gaming Worlds) Company is a company specialising in the creation and management of social online casinos. It was founded in 2010 by Lorenz Escalante and is a leading player in the social gambling industry. VGW offers unique gaming platforms such as Chumba Casino and LuckyLand Slots that utilise virtual currency and provide a safe and exciting gaming experience for millions of users worldwide.
  • What kind of income does Chumba Casino generate?

    Chumba Casino generated over $400 million in revenue for VGW in the last year