Casumo Casino Owner: incredible numbers net worth

Casumo Online Casino was founded in 2012 with the aim of offering players a new and exciting gaming experience. Today we will break down who owns Casumo Casino, who runs this company, and also talk about how much revenue Casumo Casino generates for the company.

Who’s the Casumo Casino owner?

Logotype of Casumo Services Limited

Casumo Online Casino is owned by Casumo Services Limited, a company registered in Malta. Founded in 2012, Casumo has quickly gained popularity among players for its innovative approach to online gambling.

Casumo Services Limited is headquartered in Malta, one of the largest gambling centers in the world. It is a strategic choice for many online casinos and gambling companies because of its favorable gambling laws and friendly business environment. Malta, located in the heart of the Mediterranean, is a popular destination for the registration of gambling companies due to its favorable legislation in this area. Casumo Services Limited is headquartered at The Unicorn Centre located in Swieqi, making it a convenient location for operations and business management.

About the founders of Casumo Services Limited

Owners of Casumo Services Limited

Oscar Simonsson and Daniel Lindberg are two talented entrepreneurs who together founded Casumo Services Limited and created Casumo Online Casino. Their story began with a shared dream to create a unique and innovative gaming space that would turn the perception of online casinos upside down.

Oscar and Daniel were inspired by the desire to offer players something completely new and exciting. They decided to focus not only on the game itself, but also on creating a unique gaming experience filled with adventure and excitement. To this end, they developed the Casumo concept, which became the basis for the creation of the online casino.

CEO of Casumo Services Limited


Francesco Postiglione is an outstanding entrepreneur and business leader who now holds the position of CEO at Casumo. His impressive experience and professional credentials make him the ideal executive for this innovative online casino.

Francesco has extensive experience in the gambling and online gambling industry, which enables him to effectively manage Casumo’s business. He is a strategic thinker with a strong vision to develop the company and introduce new ideas.

Equity of the CEO of Casumo Services Limited

Unfortunately, we could not find any information about Casumo Services Limited CEO Francesco Postiglione’s net worth.

Profitability of Casumo Online Casino

Casumo Online Casino

Over the past year, Casumo Online Casino continued its impressive performance, posting revenues of $55 million dollars. This impressive financial figure emphasizes the sustainability and success of Casumo’s business model, as well as its popularity among players. The casino continues to attract the attention of millions of players from all over the world thanks to its unique approach to gameplay, innovative features and wide selection of games. This impressive result is a testament to the success of the Casumo team and its strategy to attract and retain customers, and reinforces Casumo’s position as one of the leading online casinos in the gambling industry.


  • Who owns Casumo Online Casino?

    Casumo Online Casino is owned by Casumo Services Limited.
  • Who are the founders of Casumo Services Limited?

    The founders of Casumo Services Limited are Oscar Simonsson and Daniel Lindberg.
  • What is Casumo Casino net worth?

    Casumo Online Casino's profits can vary depending on time and market conditions, however, the casino reportedly generated revenues of $55 million dollars in the past year.