BetRivers Owners: Net worth, road to success

Launched in 2019, Betrivers Casino  is a shining symbol of innovation and a quality gaming experience. It was founded by Rush Street Interactive, who brought their bold vision to life in this virtual gambling establishment. Since its inception, Betrivers has attracted the attention of players with its wide selection of games, exciting bonuses and continuous commitment to providing the highest level of service. In this article we will look at who is BetRivers Casino owner, what year it was opened, what BetRivers net worth

Rush Street Interactive

Rush Street Interactive (RSI) is a leading digital entertainment and online gaming company renowned for its innovative approaches to gaming and sports betting.

The company was founded in 2012 with the goal of revolutionizing the online gambling and sports betting industry in the United States. Since then, RSI has grown into a world-class gaming operator, providing a wide range of entertainment and services in various jurisdictions.

The company continually strives to expand its reach and innovate to remain a leader in the online entertainment industry.

Rush Street Interactive was founded by a group of businessmen including Neil Blumlin, Greg Carmichael and Richard Schwartz. This company became a subsidiary of Rush Street Gaming, engaged in the development and management of gambling establishments. Rush Street Interactive was launched with the goal of developing the online gambling and digital entertainment market.

Annual income from BetRivers

BetRivers Online Casino

According to recent reports, BetRivers generates approximately $5 million per year for the company. This success is due to the popularity of the platform, which offers a wide selection of gambling and sports betting, as well as the high level of service that attracts many players. This significant revenue not only strengthens Rush Street Interactive’s financial position, but also confirms its successful positioning in the online entertainment market.

CEO of Rush Street Interactive

CEO of Rush Street Interactive Richard Schwartz

Richard Schwartz is a prominent entrepreneur and businessman known for his influence in the gambling industry. Schwartz is one of the key figures in the creation of Rush Street Gaming and its subsidiary, Rush Street Interactive. His strategic vision and dedication to innovation have helped the company become a leader in the online gambling and digital entertainment industry.

Richard Schwartz net worth

As of March 22, 2024, BetRivers Casino owner Richard Schwartz’s estimated net worth is estimated to be an impressive $33.4 million. Mr. Schwartz owns more than 9,904 shares of MYR Inc. stock, worth more than $22,524,399. Over the past 15 years, he has successfully disposed of over $8,140,963 worth of MYRG shares. Additionally, in his roles as President, Chief Executive Officer and Director of MYR Inc. Mr. Schwartz earns an annual income of $2,720,160.


BetRivers Casino is a great example of an innovative and successful online casino created by Rush Street Interactive. Betrivers Casino is a shining example of how the skillful combination of technology and gambling entertainment can bring success, strengthening Rush Street Interactive’s position in the online gambling market and bringing joy to millions of players around the world.


  • Who created BetRivers Casino?

    BetRivers Casino was created by Rush Street Interactive.
  • How much money does BetRivers Casino bring to its owners?

    According to recent reports, BetRivers generates approximately $5 million per year for the company.
  • Who runs Rush Street Interactive?

    Richard Schwartz is the CEO of Rush Street Interactive
  • What is Richard Schwartz's net worth?

    According to the latest reports, Richard Schwartz's estimated net worth is estimated at $33.4 million.